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Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
Dreamweaver CS6 has added new tools for working with sites that scale from desktop, to tablet, to phone, using some of the latest CSS features.

The web doesn't stay still, and new browsers and new technologies mean changes to your sites. With the explosion in mobile browsing, those changes are now bigger than ever before. Even so, Dreamweaver CS6 is still the familiar app with the same mix of design and code, and support for just about any web authoring technology you can think of.

The challenge for Dreamweaver CS6

The Dreamweaver CS6 interface If you've used earlier versions of Dreamweaver, you'll find CS6 very familiar, with its large design surface and palette of tools
UI and experience in Dreamweaver CS6

System resources
If your PC or Mac already runs Dreamweaver CS5 or 5.5 you'll find Dreamweaver CS6 runs just fine, there's no need for additional system resources. An upgraded WebKit engine improves the HTML5 and JavaScript support in Live View, while there's a built-in connection to Adobe's BrowserLab for when you need to test pages in more than one browser. There are some interesting little UI touches that make it easier to build a custom experience that suits the way you work. For example there's the option to switch between coloured and monochrome icons.
Dreamweaver CS6 Live View Layouts and code don't show how a site will look to your users. Dreamweaver's Live View is a built-in WebKit engine that renders and runs ages and scripts
Improved layouts in Dreamweaver CS6

Developers keep their code-first view, while designers get improved layout tools that work with a range of modern web technologies. The result remains flexible, and it's easy for designers and developers to share a workspace. However there's still little or no support for code repositories and other team working features. Dreamweaver CS6 is still for the lone designer/developer, something that feels increasingly out of place in today's world of large teams of both designers and developers, all working together on the same site.
Dreamweaver Design view Dreamweaver's Design view lets you drag and drop images and components on a page, adding code and styles to deliver a page
Fluid/Responsive Grids in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

One of the biggest changes in Dreamweaver CS6, and one that has implications that go beyond the web, is the introduction of tools to build and manage fluid grid layouts. Fluid grids are an important combination of CSS3 features that allow you to use media queries to deliver flexible layouts that automatically adjust to deliver content appropriate to different classes of device.

The return of the browser wars has accelerated the development of the web. Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer are all competing to deliver the fastest, most powerful HTML5 browser. That means Dreamweaver CS6 needs to support the latest HTML, JavaScript and CSS features - while keeping complexity to a minimum. Building a modern web page requires a mix of design and programming skills, and Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 needs to support a diverse audience of both designers and developers. That's a hard task, as both have different needs, and both work in very different ways.
Open up Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, and you're straight into the familiar Dreamweaver experience. As before, you can customise your workspace, though Adobe now provides eleven pre-configured environments to speed up getting started - including one for dual screen use. There are also plenty of options for creating new pages and documents, including using Dreamweaver as a JavaScript development environment, something that will help developers working with new web technologies like node.js. Other options let you work with common server-side technologies like PHP and ASP.NET, and even let Flash developers use Dreamweaver CS6 to edit their ActionScript code.
The Dreamweaver CS6 code editor Designer or developer, you're going to need to edit code. Dreamweaver's code editor handles HTML, JavaScript, and pretty much any server-side scripting environment you're likely to use